Purchasing Contracts

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Purchasing Contracts

Purchasing contracts can help qualifying organizations acquire essential items at a lower cost to acquisition. In most states qualifying purchasing networks allow organizations to procure essential items immediately without needing to go through a bidding process. This can be especially cost effective in smaller organizations. Qualifying organizations also benefit from negotiated pricing based on the buying power of the large network of purchasing group members. In addition to better pricing, a buying network brings the expertise of many specialized individuals to select only trusted brands.





Keystone Purchasing Network

Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) is a national cooperative purchasing program that serves educational, local government, and non-profit organizations nationwide. Contracts are competitively bid so there is no need to duplicate the bid process. Eligible schools and agencies can join KPN at no cost and no obligation to purchase. All KPN bids are awarded through its parent government entity saving its members the time and expense in procurement.

The KPN bid process satisfies the procurement laws for most states. Bid process is as follows:
• KPN issues Invitations to Bid (IFB) and, as needed, Requests for Proposals (RFP)
• All contracts are publicly and competitively bid
• KPN evaluates sealed bid responses
• Contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive responsible bidder
• Contracts are approved by the CSIU Board of Director

DuMor KPN contract #202001-03