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Powdercoat Color Options

DuMor knows having the right color site furnishing is paramount, that is why we offer a large selection of various high quality powder coat options. Powder coating provides a superior finish for outdoor metal products. DuMor powder coat is an extensive process that involves abrasive blasting all the metal components to free them of any dirt or contaminants along with an 8 stage washing system to clean further. Following the cleaning, all products are coated with a zinc-rich primer which is adhered in a process that involves a powdered primer applied through an electrostatic process and then baked on under high heat. Following the primer, your color of choice is applied like the primer, an electrostatic adhesion and high heat baking that brings the powder to a liquid like state where it adheres to the primer and is additionally allowed to cure for 20 minutes for maximum adhesion. Powder is nontoxic, and environmentally safe, emitting no harmful VOC fumes, all of the waste water is evaporated and excess powder is recycled. Screens and printers can vary, so we encourage anyone interested to contact their DuMor representative about a free paint chip sample right from the DuMor factory. Additionally, if your color of choice isn't in our line up, we offer all RAL powder coat options for a per order additional charge.


Seating Material Options

DuMor has selected the highest grade woods available for use on our products. "C" & Better Douglas Fir and Ipe are offered as standard wood options. Douglas Fir will be delivered coated in a clear preservative. Due to its density and estimated longevity left uncoated, Ipe will be delivered in its natural state without preservative. Requirements for other wood species not offered are available upon special request and quoted on a per-job basis. 

As a natural product of our environment, wood will weather when placed outdoors. Signs of weathering include splitting, checking, and changing color. These are not covered by DuMor's warranty. Due to variations in natural wood grains, photos shown here may not reflect actual product. Please contact your local DuMor representative for color and wood grain samples.



Thermally Modified Red Oak


Thermally Modified Red Oak utilizes a specialized process where the wood is heated (using steam) to a very high temperature to transform it on a molecular level into a highly-durable outdoor material. With thermal modification the lumber undergoes a fundamental change -- where the sugars and starches caramelize making the wood a non-food source, the wood cell walls lock into place preventing the wood from absorbing water like that of unmodified wood, and the appearance changes to a chocolate brown color.




DuMor recycled plastic lumber is available in 4 colors. The majority of high-density polyethylene raw material utilized in our recycled plastic furnishings is derived from post-consumer bottle waste.
 DuMor recycled plastic lumber is available in 4 colors.




The longevity and Eco-friendliness of recycled plastic lumber with a feel and depth reminiscent of wood. Wood grain recycled plastic is extruded with a multicolor tonal streaking and etched with a wood grain texture to achieve a realistic wood like appearance and feel. To truly appreciate this product it needs to be seen and handled, ask your rep for a free sample. Plastic lumber is comprised of majority recycled content. Only available on select products.




 Size/ Capacity Options

DuMor benches in most instances come in multiple lengths. The most popular size and the standard size for most is six-foot long. However often times benches are also available in 8’ options and sometimes 4'. On special instances a custom length can be manufactured through our custom ordering process.

The main variation in receptacles is capacity. Each receptacle has a unique capacity and many are available in more than one capacity option (e.g. 32 gal and 22 gal). Receptacles are photographed with their standard spun steel lid however DuMor offers many other lid options which offer protection from weather or pests, photos can be found can be found here (http://dumor.com/products/covers).

Additionally, many receptacles can be converted to a 2 liner system for dual trash and recycling purposes.

Many tables have various options that include, size capacity, and an accessible or ADA version.

Support Options

Certain site conditions may dictate the use of different supports. Below we have shown support options available for many items. The support option desired must be identified when ordering many of DuMor's benches, bike racks, tables, bollards, and receptacles. Reference a product web page and specification or consult your local DuMor representative for details.

 Options listed above are not available on all products. Please reference individual products for specific availability.