Receptacle 200/300

Receptacle 200/300
with bonnet top
300 series has side opening door
custom design
custom design
custom design

Product Information

Product Description

The flexibility of the DuMor 200/300 Series Receptacles allows you the option of including the name of your city or town, corporate logo, school name/logo, or your own unique design with custom lettering. Simply provide a detailed drawing of your idea and we would be happy to create a one-of-a kind receptacle for you. (All custom designs are subject to DuMor's review and approval.) - 200 series is top emptying - 300 series is side door emptying

Product Specifications

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Capacity: 32 gallons

Additional Cover Options

Split Stream Recycling- 2 20-gal liners

Color Options


32-gallon all-steel Receptacle, 150-275 lbs.*
32-gallon all-steel Receptacle, 220-290 lbs.*
*Exact weight is dependent on amount of material removed per design.

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